Hammerhead Sharks Characteristics

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Shark Information Paper

Qualities of Sharks

Hammerhead shark or blue sharks could save your life one day!!.These species have unique characteristics that could hold the cure for human diseases. Other benefits are, they keep our oceans clean and they could help us discover the origins of our past.

Hammerhead sharks are very unique and here some characteristics about them. Hammerhead sharks are found in ecosystems in temperate and tropical oceans. They live in these types of oceans, because if it was a colder climate they would die from hypothermia and soon the species would become extinct. These sharks like to stay in schools up to 100 in numbers. The reason they stick together is there is more protection in numbers and they can kill bigger prey like big great white sharks. Next Hammerhead sharks gets there name for its flat shaped head and some people think it is useless to the shark. With their special heads, they have 360 degree vision! Finally, they also can ram and stun jelly fish with their flat head. In conclusion, with these reasons I think we should save the hammerhead shark before it too late.
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But here some qualities that sharks do to help our planet. In fact Sharks keep the ocean food chain in check. They do this when sharks eat seals and it keeps the seal population normal, but if there were no sharks the seal would overtake fish and squid population until they would just go extinct. Another thing sharks do to help our planet is they hold cures for human diseases. They have special characteristics that could be turned into ingredients to help find cures. Finally, they also clean our oceans by eating dead animals. Sharks will try to get a free meal whenever possible, even if it's already dead. Now that we know what sharks do to help our world we should start to appreciate them for what they truly can

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