Hammurabi And Aristotle's Law Codes

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Law Codes
The three most important writings that come from ancient civilization are the law codes of Hammurabi, Confucius, and Aristotle. Firstly, they are very big different pieces because they were written in different time, region, and religion. However, they all recommend a value that ancient people measured essential. Aristotle and Confucius are philosophers whose law codes are based on virtue. However, Hammurabi is a ruler whose law code is based on social hierarchy or class differences.
Hammurabi can be measured as the sixths king of first Babylonian dynasty in Mesopotamia, which now called Iraq, and he started reigning from 1792 and ended in 1750. He implemented the code of law which contained 282 laws and later known as the code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi puts most punishment in the law codes for the attitude toward low and high classes, and legal rights in family specifically between man and women. What is noticeable is that most of the punishments are death penalty.
Confucius is a Chinese philosopher, politician, editor and an influential philosopher. He was common for his maxims and social interaction forms. He was born in 551 B. C. and died in 479 B.C. His philosophy became known in six century when Chinese principle became a progressively worst. Then, he put an opportunity and adherences to inforce people use their value, compassion and tradition. His philosophy is found on “loving others” or “ren”, and everyone should take decision in benefit of all community.
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