Hammurabi Code Dbq Analysis

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Name: lysette Cohort: usc Question: Hammurabi’s Code: Was it just? Hammurabi’s codes (just-unjust) Introduction Paragraph Do you know about Hammurabi’s code? Well Hammurabi’s code means Babylonian law of code ancient Mesopotamia, dating back about 175 BC. It is one of the oldest deciphered writing of significant thing length in the world.’’ He wrote it this laws because he wanted to protect his people. Body Paragraph 1]l Examples of just laws can first be found in the area of property law.According to document D, ‘’If a man has opened his trench and the water has flooded his neighbor's field the man should restore the crops he has caused to be lost’’. In my own words, this means that if a person had opened trench and had his neighbor’s crops he shall do it for him because it had might took him a long time to plant his crops. This is important because, he and everyone should know that mistakes could be fixed and everyone could be forgiven. Another examples of just laws can first be found…show more content…
This evidence is saying that if a the father's son had hit him should be cut off because he should respectful to his father and fallow the rules. This is important because, he should had not struck because he should know what to do. Examples of just laws can first be found in the area of Family law. Document C states that ‘’ I cut off my son’’. In this quote,the author says that if the father does not what to give all his money to his son when he is dead because he might not know to take care of it.This quote includes an example of, his father dies he get to keep it and take care of it as long as he lives and if he loses it he get to died or something like that. Both deal with the child getting punished if he does not respect his
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