Hammurabi Code Of Law

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Hammurabi 2
If you were to break into a person 's house at any time of day, guess what, you would have your head cut off! You then would be buried right where you broke in. Hammurabi’s code of law was very brutal and specific of what will happen if you did something bad. Even though it may seem fair, his laws mostly favored men and the rich. This was pretty effective to stop crime in his kingdom at the time. Here are some of the laws Hammurabi created. (“If the son has done some great evil to his father, his father must forgive him the first time. But if he has done something evil twice, his father can throw him out. If a man cuts down a tree on someone else 's land, he will pay for it. If a doctor operates on a patient and the patient dies, the doctor’s hand will be cut off.”) People were not afraid of death or being put in jail. People were though afraid of torture and pain. Jail had food, decent beds, and a bathroom.
As people saw that what was written would really happen to them people became afraid of doing something that was against the law. Hammurabi would have stone pillars made out of diorite or stele with the code written on them. He then would have them placed in the center of towns to remind people of the law and what will
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His codes were a few of the earliest forms of laws recorded. His laws covered everything from marriage, stealing, death, bad behavior, and accidents. Hammurabi was a descendant of the Amorites, which were nomadic people of a tribe in western syria. Hammurabi 's name in Amorite means family. After Hammurabi died his sons took over Babylon, but they were not as strong of leaders as Hammurabi and the kingdom grew weaker. They were attacked by the hittites, and the capital was ram sacked then eventually the assyrians then started to take over babylon. Then awhile later they rose up and ruled over mesopotamia for the second time. This happened around 612 B.C and is called Neo -
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