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During the 18th century, Hammurabi conquered the four quarters of the world, made great the Kingdom of Babylon. After he conquered those lands, he wrote set of laws to bound every other citizen in his territory under that law where no other person would be under-represented. He wrote that code to bring righteousness to the land and planned to bring the well-being of the oppressed. It is even mentioned that Hammurabi feared gods and wrote that code to please them. However, Hammurabi Law Code dealt with different aspects of society ranging from the health care system to family life, from criminal justice to commercialization of businesses and rights of women; law structures were clarified and well designed. From the book that is translated by…show more content…
For a society to run, there should be a proper balance in every other step and to maintain that there had to be certain classes which executed their activities as per the need of the society. So, it was totally fine to have the different level of classes. There are laws which would not let poor be affected easily unless they are the culprit and they would be compensated with money if they are not found guilty. It sounds even as each group was best represented in their own way. Similarly, there might be some voices raised on the fact that there would be an extra burden on the accuser and the judge rather than the accused in the Hammurabi law code. But the fact is if someone is guilty, it won’t be hard to provide proof but it would be too hard for someone to prove their innocence if they are accused. So, if someone is accused then the accuser should provide evidence of why that person is accused as I mentioned earlier in my argument as…show more content…
If we try to look at those codes with the today’s lenses, then we would not be able to see it the right way. For that period, when people didn’t even have anything guiding them and things were done as per the willing of the people in higher classes, I think that Hammurabi law code set boundaries and made everyone realize what they are supposed to do and what not to. This law code is reported to be taken into consideration over years and used in civilization of different places as it was organized and addressed issues as per the need of time and

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