Hammurabi Social Class

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In order for civilizations to thrive, they must have some sort of system in place in order to maintain stability amongst the populace. Without any societal order, anarchy runs rampant, and that is the bane of any civilization. This is so because humanity, despite having all the correct faculties, inherently does what comes easiest to them, and often times, the easiest thing to do is not the right thing. Why work in order to receive a salary to use to purchase things, when you can just steal them from others? Why try to create a committed relationship of your own, when you can just take someone else’s significant other through less than savory means? While nowadays, this may sound barbaric and sleazy, this is only so because we have been conditioned by a moral system of laws by people have also been conditioned by these laws in order to think this way. It is completely plausible…show more content…
This set of laws was the earliest known set of written laws and was displayed in the heart of the city to serve as a reminder to all of the rules of the land. The Code consisted of around three hundred or so laws and their punishments for breaking each law per social class. The Code of Hammurabi included laws for property, debt, family, and relationships. Most punishments came from the “Law of Retaliation,” or an “eye for an eye,” as in you reap what you sow. You would lose the tongue that spoke your lies, lose the hand that struck another, or lose the eye that pried too much in what was not its business, etc. The death penalty was also used quite rampantly and was instituted in cases ranging from theft and fraud to rape and adultery. While many of the punishments may seem archaic and crude by modern standards, these laws did do their part in guiding the people towards acting in the interest of the community at large and striving towards a peaceful life. (Code of
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