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Was it Just? “Cursed!” is what you'll hear if you decline the written rules of Hammurabi.400 years ago in 1754 Bce. A man named Hammurabi became king of a city called babylonia and made certain rules about family law, property law, and personal injury law and although they were laws, not all laws were fair.

To begin with, Hammurabi made a decision to write rules for his land.But were they just?let's answer that. According to Hammurabi's code document c law 129,”If a married lady is caught [in adultery] with another man they shall blind them and cast them into the water.” this proves This was unjust because what if the man didn't know she was married and still has to get drowned while being innocent. It's exaggerated to be punished by death for cheating because they shouldn't be punished for the way they are.

Another one of hammurabi's rules was document D law 23, “who has been robbed shall formally declare whatever he has lost before the god, and the city or district the robbery has been committed shall replace for him whatever he has lost if the robber is not caught”.
Instead of the community searching for the robber to keep their community safe they let the robber free and is preferring to take money from its people. Since everybody in the community is being forced to help, those …show more content…

For example law 148 in Hammurabi's code it says,”if a man has married a wife with a disease has seized her,he is determined to marry a second wife he shall not divorce the wife whom the disease has seised .she shall dwell in the house they have built together and he shall maintain her as long as she lives.”this proves that not all of hammurabi's laws were unfair,maintaining a wife for as LONG as she lives with a horrible disease will keep the ill wife happy as long as she lives. Furthermore,this law is fair because it shows that marriage is a life time

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