Hammurabi's Code Of Hummurabi

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6. Pyramids- What/Who: The Pyramids are tombs for the Pharos and also represented there symbol of authority. Egyptians believed that part of the "Soul" remained in the body and in order for it to be set in the afterlife they mummified the body. Placing it in a pyramid addition to gifts so the king could live a glorious life after death. It took approximately 2,300,000 limestone blocks which weighed around 15 tons each in order to build the great pyramids. 84,000 workers worked for 80 days for 20 years to complete just one tomb. The tombs or the pyramids required great architects engineers craftsmen and artist. The ingenuity and the time it took was unimaginable but amazing showing the ability of man when minds are put together. When: Most of the pyramids were built during the old and middle kingdom periods. But the earliest known was the pyramid of Djoser built around 2630 bc Where: In Egypt WHy- Provided 7. Hammurabi's code…show more content…
He was able to conquer his opponents with the great army at which he had at his command. Hammurabi wanted to build a great empire that would last his life span and past it. In order to to this though he had to create a set of laws that would create order in his kingdom. The laws created a high set of standards for everyone and issued death to law breakers that committed the crime of false accusation murder and failure to abide the kingdome. This great code known as hammurabi's code would be used in many different civilizations that would come after the fall of
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