Summary: The Ghosts Of Hampton Court Palace

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The Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace In its five hundred years of existence, the Hampton Court Palace has been the silent spectator of dramatic history and much later, odd phenomena. It had witnessed the miserable lives and wretched deaths of Henry VIII’s wives. It might be a normal to a mildly spooky experience strolling around the palace in the daytime. However, when the sun sets and dusk casts its eerie spell on the rooms, it is a different story altogether. The haunted gallery, in particular, seems to welcome ghosts of all forms and shapes. Not surprisingly, the security team and other staff feel a sense of dread remaining there after evening. It is thought that the ghosts haunting the Hampton Court Palace were, at one time, inhabitants.…show more content…
Unexplained cold sensation, phantom scents, strange appearances, footsteps, the sound of spinning wheel, disturbing screams have all been a part of the palace’s regular occurrences. One member of the security team, Luke Wiltshire, recalls at least two incidents that had bothered him considerably. On one occasion, he had been called out on a job at 3 AM. He had to accompany an engineer who had come to check a fire alarm in Fountain Court. Both Luke and the engineer reportedly heard the clear sound of footsteps of someone running up a flight of stairs. At that time in the morning, it was unlikely that anyone would be present inside the palace complex. On another occasion, Luke had noticed two piles of plates shaking noticeably without any reason. It wasn’t just Luke who had witnessed such activities. The photo librarian had caught a glimpse of a ghostly figure on top of the stairs outside her office. Chris Gidow, who is in charge of organizing palace events, had contacted Richard Wiseman, a paranormal expert, to request him to conduct a tour and a ghost-hunting session for interested visitors. Soon afterwards, Chris received a strange fax in his fax machine. Written in wobbly handwriting, the message read, ‘You’re messing with forces you don’t understand. Don’t disturb the red

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