Han And Roman Comparative Analysis

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Da’Raja Medlock
History AP
2 November 2015
Han and Roman Comparative Essay: DBQ
The Hans and the Romans have different perspectives when it pertains to technology. The Han tend to see technology as a necessity, something that was needed in order for them to have an effective civilization. The Romans viewed technology as a necessity, but also something that just increases their proud status. Both the Han dynasty and the Roman empire used technology and inventions that were beneficial to their civilizations, though the Han adopted technology in order to meet the needs of their people, while the Romans adopted certain technology that would earn them the respect and praise they desired. Both the Han dynasty and Roman empire had a coherent
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Huan Tan, an upper classmen, Han philosopher believes that technology is a gift and something that is beneficial to society. She uses a mythological emperor as a symbol, all of the minds of the emperors as one person. Tan sees the benevolence in technology, most likely due to his belief in confucianism. Tan admired the technology and recognizes it power and how its advancement increased benefit towards civilization. Tan’s attitudes towards technology is expressed when he says “Later, water power was also applied and the benefit was increased hundredfold” (Document 3). Unlike the Romans, the Han viewed technology more as a necessity and benefaction. The Han’s attitude toward technology is revealed through the type of technology they used. The main classes of the Han Empire were agriculturists and craftsmen. Because of this, tools and technology were created in a way that would meet their needs and help build the…show more content…
The Han Dynasty’s attitude toward technology was influenced by the things that were needed by its people. Rome thought that technology was necessary, but also a way to show how exceptional their civilization really was. Both the Han and the Romans attitudes toward technology can be revealed through their inventions. Both self-glorifying, the Han and the Romans used technology as an asset. Though the Han were more focused on the benefit of their people rather than the image of their empire, unlike the
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