Han China Vs Gupta India Essay

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Han China and Gupta India were similar in the fact that they both had uniform law codes, reliable agricultural systems, and they both gave women specific roles and treated them as subordinates. These two civilizations also had even more major differences, such as the fact that China stressed bureaucracy and was much more centralized, while India had a greater focus on trade and a wealthier merchant class. Han China and Gupta India had many similarities and differences when it came to their political institutions. Gupta India and Han China both had uniform law codes. The political styles of Han China and Gupta India were very different. While China was very centralized and stressed bureaucracy, India focused more on regionalism and did not have…show more content…
In contrast to India, artisans who manufactured the goods that would be traded or sold in China, were only members of the middle class. The treatment of women was very similar in Han China and Gupta India, but the roles of women differed in each civilization. Women in Han China and Gupta India were treated as subordinates to men. Both societies assigned certain roles to women. In China, women could gain small amounts power through sons or in-laws brought into the family with marriage. Meanwhile, as India’s government developed, women had less and less rights, instead of Chinese women as they were able to gain power. As technology in farming was developed, women also had less contributions to the economy in India, which changed the roles of women there. China and India during the Gupta and Han periods, had many similarities and even more differences. They both had their own uniform law codes, they both relied on agriculture, and they both treated their women in similar ways. Han China was very centralized and stressed bureaucracy, while India was not centralized, they instead focused more on trading and had a wealthier merchant class than that of
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