Han China Vs Pax Romana Essay

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The Han Dynasty of China and the Pax Romana coexisted in different regions of the world for a short period of history. Each of them had their own belief of government. For the Han Dynasty it was all about following the Confucian values that had been established, and for the Romans, it was almost a new era of Roman rule, this time with less expansionism. While there were many similarities between the two, there were also significant differences because of things such as societal practices, religion, and power structure. Militaries were different, cultural outlook was different; these were things that ultimately would affect each empire in the end. Each empire was established in their respective areas for approximately four-hundred years, having around fifty million residents. While the Han Dynasty was based off of the previous dynasties it primarily resembled the Confucian values talked about in the Analects. Pax Romana on the other hand had to do with establishing a sound government that could not be broken. Basically, Rome needed to fix its flaws. Each had their own needs. “The struggle between the two lines was consequently named the struggle between Confucianists and Legalists, and…show more content…
It did, however, sound very appealing to those in Rome, and in the end did play a large role in how Pax Romana was founded. “I am obliged both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish.” (The Bible Romans 1) It was an appealing religion and honestly, that is why it was so appealing to join the Roman Empire. Christianity helped to expand the empire and hold it together. For Romans it was their decision if they wanted to follow Christianity, but it was encouraged. “The righteous will live by faith,” is a saying in the gospel and can be pretty influential in a time when the Gods played a large role in providing hope. (The Bible Romans
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