Han Dynasty Dbq Essay

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In ancient China, each dynasty had contributed to building a wall to protect the borders. In the Qin dynasty, they built a 1,500-2500 miles long, part of the wall. This took from 221-206 BCE. Also, the Han dynasty had built a 4,000 mile long part of the wall. Which took from 206 BCE -220 CE (400 years). The only problem with this wall, was that if it was worth the money and the lives that were lost for the possible benefits that would come. From various documents, it showed that the cost of building the wall, does outweigh the benefits of it. Document C shows that the Han had paid tribute to the Xiongnu Mongols to stop them from raiding China, but it happened anyways. Also, Document E shows the amount of harsh conditions and people who were laid to work for this wall. First of all, the Han paid tribute to the Xiongnu Mongols to stop them from raiding them, but they had raided them anyways. The wall didn’t protect them from the Mongols, showing that it didn’t really serve a purpose…show more content…
During the Qin dynasty many people had to leave their homes. Since, their was a lot of work needed to put into building the wall. There were harsh temperatures, and many casualties during the construction of the wall. As shown in Document A, it states that, “300,000 men from Qin’s army ordered to build and guard the wall until complete… Heavy fighting against the Xiongnu during much of the 2nd century BCE. One campaign in 1-4 BCE reported 80 percent Han casualties… During the short ten-year period of Qin wall-building, there was heavy use of peasant laborers, who worked seven day work weeks with little food. During the eighth month of winter, temperatures reached 20- to 30-below zero, Fahrenheit.” This quote evidently shows that there was a huge amount harsh conditions for these workers, and the cost of human's lives, for this
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