The Han Dynasty

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The roman and Han empire, although two completely different civilizations, yet despite that both fell due to similar key contributors. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty fell due to alike reasons. For both empires weak leadership and corruption, economic collapse and social disorder were three of the main contributor’s factors to their decline.
Both the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty endured corruption that weakened their supremacy. Weak-leadership and corruption weakened both empires causing it to be a key factor to their falls. For instance during the Han Dynasty Pingdi was the chosen successor to emperor Aidi, who died 1BCE, was only 9 years-old and acted as a mere puppet for court official Wang Mang, whom also chose the following successors
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The social disorder led to wars and rebellions which occurred in both the Roman empire and Han dynasty acting as a catalase to both of their falls. Riots caused by follower of Way of Great Peace, 184 AD a religious cult, although supresed within a year it created a ripple inspiring uprising from multiple other cults creating a situation the government was unable to contain leading to fatal the civil war that was the end of the Han Dynasty (Ebrey 84). Following the rebellion from the Way of Great Peace, the Han government officials were attacked over several parts of the country, Magistrates and prefects killed at any opportunity, in riots that took a year to control which was followed by more riots that the government was unable to control causing a civil war in which all generals with private armies were fighting for personal power until 189 A.D. when the civil war ended along with the Han dynasty as an general gained control and titled himself Emperor (Ebrey 84). In contrast the Roman Empire relied heavily on slaves for labors chores such as craftsman and milling fields as well as much more, thus when Romans steady supply of slaves from war was cut when the empires expansion ebbed to an end it negatively affected the lives of the romans causing disorder in the society (Andrews). The social disorder was magnified as it affected the divide between the rich and poor, enhancing it, dividing the…show more content…
This is vital because we could learn from empires in history to avoid similar downfalls in future civilizations and look to detect the possible downfalls in our societies by comparing our own civilizations to the empires of the past such as the Roman and the Han Dynasty. Could the fall of future empires also fall due to these issues, could they carry over to America causing its
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