Han Empire Characteristics

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In order for any empire to be ruled well, there would have to be specific details to that rule. Characteristics of a well-run empire includes, constructions, trade increases, cosmopolitan cities, effective bureaucracy, communication, justice system, and citizenship. In the Han Empire there was many inventions and creations in order to run the empire. Horse-drawn carriages showed great improvements in both appearance and construction techniques. In Eastern Han Dynasty, they added on to the horse-drawn carriages and made it into double-shafted horse-drawn carriages. Single wheeled barrows were invented and commonly known and used in the Eastern Han. It was easy to handle and could be used on different types of surfaces to carry both people and…show more content…
The ruler of the empire decides all of this. The emperor is in charge of laws and armed forces. The emperor had 3 councilors of the state (Chancellor over Masses, Imperial Counselor, and Grand Commandant.) Due to the emperor being such a high head of the people he served as Chief Executive Official. In the Han Dynasty all people were Chinese, so all spoke Mandarin Chinese. To communicate between one another they all would write standard scripts to facilitate and the Chinese would send expeditions to the West which brought communication between the Eastern and Western Han. With the empire being so humongous, there needed to be laws and systems. The emperor began to extend the Han rule in all directions. Relied on conscripted labor, state revenues, and taxes on land in order to help the empire maintain its power. Legalism was still a technique that was being followed with everyone by the government and when one doesn’t follow any rules given then he/she would have to face unusual and/or cruel consequences. All people of China shall receive some type of right of course. The emperor has right to rule the entire population, if only he treats properly and follows the basic principles of good
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