Hana Brady Research Paper

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Hana Brady is a thirteen year old girl that was sent to German’s concentration camp. Hana lived with her parent and brother George Brady in the city 0f Novte Mesto. As time goes by, life started to change for the Brady’s family. During this time, the Nazis starts to pick on Hana Brady’s family. Hana and her brother was no longer allowed to go to the movies, sport field, gym, skating pond, school and also she lost her friends from school. Afterall, hana started to feel lonely, but her mother persuade her and her brother that they can play together since they have a big garden (25-30). In March 1941, Hana mother was arrested by the Gestapo, Hitler police officers, and after sis month, Hana father was taking away as well. After Hana’s parent was

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