Hand Therapy Case Study

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Practice of Hand therapy-Indian versus global scenario

Hand therapy is defined as the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb which includes the hand, wrist, elbow & shoulder girdle. The Physiotherapists are involved with the management of hand injuries along with Occupational therapists in Indian setting. Physiotherapists are working specifically to increase the range & strength after figuring out the restricting structure affecting function while Occupational therapists are involved with the simulating the functional tasks involved in ones working environment and utilizing everyday items in play to facilitate hand therapy of pediatric patients.
Looking across the world, IFSHT (International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy)
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Following a surgical intervention many surgeon 's advice or dictate the treatment to be given while others allow independent intervention by hand therapist. This trend varies as many experienced surgeons understand the importance of hand therapy and refer patients within elapsed time while others underestimate or lack awareness in field of hand therapy. Myriad evidence supports the concept that early controlled motion is beneficial to both tendon healing and the accrual of strength, while also decreasing adhesions and work of flexion. So the decisions for postoperative rehabilitation is generally made in conjunction with the…show more content…
These findings were in accordance to the primary health care scenario in India (Devdas and Elias, 2008). Also, some reported that the hand therapy certification programs running are less. Professionals after graduation are confused for post-graduation in hand compared to sports or pediatric therapy. This trend is running because of lack of awareness of scope and practice in hand as specialists. To widen up learning in hand, Hand therapy skill courses are best sources. Since the establishment of Indian society of hand therapy in 2009 various initiatives have been taken to organize workshops, conferences and courses specifically addressing upper extremity rehabilitation approach. Newsletters, recent advances all add to it. This calls up to create an awareness among professionals along with patients about the importance of this field along with various new equipment’s and splints specifically designed to improve upper limb
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