Hand Warm Lab Report

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Our objective was to pick the best chemical to be used in a hand warm. This chemical had to be cheap, relatively safe, and must raise the temperature by 20oC and no more. We add 6 different chemicals to water we record the inshell temperature and then add one a the 6 chemicals to the water and record the temperature change of the water. We also add cold water hot water together to find how much heat would escape the calorimeter. We found that the calorimeter absorbed 71.1J/oC. Then this information to calculate the energy that was released by all of the chemical reaction. We found that Joules from NaCl = 340 J, NH4NO3 = 1340 J, CaCl2 = -2320 J, LiCl = -3600, Na2Cl3 = -720 J, NaC2H3O2= 1070 J. Then we used energy release from one one these rxn to calculate the Hor the KJ per mol rxn.…show more content…
After seeing this data the two most effective look chemical at resisting energy was CaCl2 and LiCl. So we looked at the price of both of this chemical CaCl2 cost 6.55$ per 500g and LiCl cost 32.75$ per 500g because CaCl2 was substantially cheaper we decide to chose it to use in own hand warmer. We calculated that it would take 22g of CaCl2 to create a 20oC increase in temperature of 100ml of water. Some sources of error in this lab, would be heat escape from not be able to replace the lid of the calorement went adding chemical into it, inaccuracies in the balance, and not waiting of the proper time to recode the

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