George Frederick Handel's Music Influence

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George Frederic Handel was born on Feb. 23rd 1685, in Halle, Saxony (Germany). As a child he was discouraged from pursuing music (which he was a big fan of) by his father, and was coaxed into learning law. He learnt his musical skills in Halle from composer Friedrich W. Zachow. At age 17 he went to study law but dropped out after a year. He then moved to Hamburg in 1703, there he played second violinist at the opera house and was sometimes maestro al cembalo (harpsichordist/conductor). He wrote his first opera- Almira, in 1705 and it premiered to a warm reception in Hamburg. In 1706 he travelled around Italy until 1710. Here is where his strongest musical influences can be traced to. In Italy he met famous Italian composers such as Arcangelo…show more content…
Firstly the simplicity of the lyrics, but the complexity of the sound; which Handel is known for. I would like to employ the use of motifs in my own composition. This is so that I can emphasize the words being said, and focus more on the music and changing the way they sound to make my own composition more “interesting”. Also by using motifs I am able to incorporate more of Handel’s characteristics such as the use of imitation, and the combination of motifs. To further the Baroque influence of my work I would incorporate one mood throughout the whole piece. So that it can be easily recognized and easily interpreted by the listener, so that they focus more on the beauty of the music. I would also like to make my own composition very regal, and very dramatic. Although I wouldn’t want to make voice the highlight of my composition, want I would want to do is section my composition where different components are highlighted- and then accented by other instruments. So my music still has a Baroque feel but with a modern twist to it. I want to do so because it is always good to look back at the past and bring back to the present, and by doing so I would be changing a Baroque characteristic (voice being the highlight of the piece) but I am making it modern at the same

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