Handheld Stabilizer Advantages And Disadvantages

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Neewer 24"/60cm Handheld Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate 1/4" and 3/8" Screw 136 3.8/5 $79.99 https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Handheld-Stabilizer-Release-Cameras/dp/B00NJKJ1IA When you want a high angle or low angle shooting, the Neewer 24"/60cm Handheld Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate 1/4" and 3/8" Screw can help you as it is also equipped with high precision bearings and low friction joints. On top of that, it has a capacity range of at least one pound to a maximum of six pounds. There are several adjustment options that can improve the weight ratio and reduce the clump weights optimally. There are two plates that comes with this unit and that is the Quick Release Plate and the Bidirectional Base Plate. If your camera measures ¼ inch…show more content…
There are non-motorized stabilizer and motorized stabilizers. Non-motorized stabilizers are easy to control, since it is easier to turn while you are moving and it is cheaper in cost. It also needs more human control than its motorized counterpart. Motorized stabilizers are easy to use and easy to maneuver. You are able to shoot with better balance and stabilization. You can easily tilt the camera up and down, so that you are able to get better angle shots. You can also mount the stabilizer and just use carts as a dolly. However, they are heavier and can take long to set it up. Another thing that you should consider is the battery life of your stabilizer, along with all the other features that is included with it. Each model is different so you should find one that is suitable for you and your needs. Photography can be a serious hobby or a casual activity, but when you commit your time into improving this skill, you are able to produce picturesque shots. Apart from shooting shots that are not blurred, you should also consider the angle of the picture that you are taking. You might want cinematic shots so it is better that the lenses of your camera are wide enough to capture your desired

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