Handicraft Marketing Mix

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The marketing mix elements consist of product, price, distribution, promotion and packaging of handicrafts.

Product: A product is a set of tangible and intangible characteristics, including wrapping, color, price, manufacturer 's prestige, retailer 's prestige, and manufacturer 's and retailer 's services, which the buyer may accept as offering want fulfillment.
 Product-Line:
Handicraft: Firms which market only one product are rare today. Most firms offer a product line. A product line is a group of products related in function or customer purchase needs. The benefits of changing the composition of the product line, by either adding or subtracting products, depend on a number of factors- the preferences of consumers, the tactics of
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In the process of assessing the demand for the products and resources availability, the artisans from time to time add new products to its existing product line or drop some of its present products. The products which are not profitable are usually deleted from the product line. The decision whether to discontinue a product is often based on how fast it moves. Deletion of some of the products from product line may also be a practice in handicrafts. Handicrafts designs: The Design of a handicraft product should be in accordance with the tastes and preferences of customers. There are three types of designs viz., conventional, modern, combination of conventional and modern which are usually adopted by artesian. Conventional designs are age-old and traditional designs. While modern designs are in keeping with the changes of consumer preferences and tastes. Conventional and modern is a combination of both types. Product planning and development in Handicraft: Product planning and development can be found even in handicrafts. Handicrafts are the products of creativity and workmanship. Artisans, usually, strive for excellence in their crafts by undertaking product planning and development. Expansion in Handicraft: Expansion is increasing the present…show more content…
IV-Promotion: Basically, it is correspondence data amongst purchaser and vender to change mentalities and conduct of shoppers. Promotion-blend incorporates publicizing, deals promotion, individual offering, exposure and bundling.
• Promoting of Handicraft: Advertising is not attempted by and respondent. The little scale operation of the craftsmen’s does not allow the specialists to embrace publicizing of their items exclusively. For the promotion of handicrafts, the Corporation has been embraced exposure, displays, printing of leaflets and support in exchange fairs. The Corporation is likewise setting up hoardings in essential places and focuses to traveler intrigue, which would fill in as a decent medium of exposure. Different types of reputation incorporate interest in exchange fairs, and supporting exchange/ponder groups covering specific artworks to different States in the nation. Promotions in Handicraft: Sales promotion covers an extensive variety of methods that give an additional transient motivation or actuation to disparage a store or purchase an item. Systems incorporate shows and presentations, tests, premiums, coupons, amusements and challenges, shows and bundle embeds. When all is said in done, deals promotion is intended to strengthen alternate elements of the promotion blend and to enhance their transient adequacy. Advertising issue in Handicraft: Artisans confront a few issues in promoting. In perspective of lack of money related assets and little size of
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