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In Emma Marris’ essay, “Handle with Care”, Marris argues the responsibility humans have in nature intervention when it comes to species near extinction. Marris explains that through human intervention many species can be saved from disappearance brought on by man-made issues. She uses the White-Bark pine throughout the article to show an example where human intervention has worked, helping strengthen her argument by giving the readers a representation of human intervention done the right way. By presenting supporting evidence, showing both sides of the argument, and playing to the reader’s emotions Marris successfully convinces her audience that human intervention to save species on the brink of extinction is a positive thing. Marris gives multiple scenarios of evidence where human…show more content…
All throughout the article Marris talks about our responsibility in nature and our “beloved” nature appealing strongly to pathos. Having a strong appeal to pathos gives Marris a position of manipulating her reader’s emotions to feel more strongly in her favor. Using emotional appeals also allows the audience to identify with what Marris is arguing. Marris strongly uses pathos in a way that bends the reader’s emotions to feel sympathetic towards Marris’ argument. Throughout Marris’ essay “Handle with Care”, Marris successfully argues that it is our responsibility as inhibitors of this planet to help fix the damage we have caused to wildlife. Through the use of supporting evidence, including the counterargument, and appealing to pathos Marris convinces the reader that it is our personal duty to make sure wildlife thrives. Marris’ use of pathos especially brings her audience around to her side of the argument by implying that the consequences of not interfering will ultimately affect the lives of humans on the planet as

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