Handloom Industry In Boyanika

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The Handloom sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy. It is one of the largest economic activities providing direct employment to persons engaged in weaving and allied activities. Handloom Industry is the symbol of self reliance and generating employment for millions of small weavers.
The Indian handloom products have a distinct place in the world of fabrics. This is not just a cloth material or traditional wear; it is symbolic to the Indian civilization, which is one of the oldest on the planet.
Handlooms in Odisha
The writings on the stones of Khandagiri Cave in Odisha suggest that the art of weaving was in Odisha before 600 B.C. Similarly some carving in the temples of Sonepur district (Baidyanath temple)
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 E- Marketing: as part of the e- marketing , Boyanika has launched website with the Domain name – www.boyanika.com for the purpose of online sale of their products.  Exploring Export market: for exploring the export market Boyaika has participated in the International Buyer- Seller meet in Hong- Kong houseware Fair; India home furnishing fair, Osaka, Japan; India Show ’09 , St. Petersburg, Russia; Hiemtextile 2010 & 2011, Frankfurt, Germany and Hiemtextile India fair , Mumbai; Gift fair, New Delhi.
 Boyanika has been able to make direct exports of Rs 14.75 lakhs to France, U.K. and Belgium. Though there are some problems in exports as the business in foreign markets require the fabrics of different lots to be identical in the quality, print and designs which is very difficult in handwoven materials as the order comes from different weavers who use different raw materials even if the design is same resulting in the difference in the final product.
 Boyanika is trying to get over this through centralized procurement and distribution of raw materials to the weavers but has not yet been able to accomplish
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2253.59 lakhs in 2008-09 to Rs. 7680.05 lakhs in the year 2013-14. (Annex.1)
• Long pending settlement of OTS after waiver of the interest of 13 crore by Odisha State Coop. Bank Ltd. Boyanika has been regularly making repayments against the OTS since 2007-08. (Annex.2)
• The accumulated losses of Boyanika have been narrowing down and it is earning profit since 2008-09. In the year 2012-13 it provisionally is showing an accumulated profit of 138.33 lakhs and is no more an organization with accumulated losses to its accounts. (Annex.3)
• For the purpose of brand building the registration of various GI for handloom industry. It also helps preserve, protect and promote Odisha handloom .
1. New modes of marketing have been tapped with Institutional sales amounting to 88.31 lakhs, through supply of Uniform Sarees to NALCO, School Teachers, OMC Ltd. OPGC , OHPC , OPTCL etc.
• Increase in the sales through participation and organization of exhibitions and expos (Annex.4)
• As part of e- marketing, Boyanika has launched a website www. Boyanika.com on 5th may 2013 and has achieved a sale of around Rs. 16

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