Quotes From 'Handmaid': A Narrative Essay

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Scene 1 - Hani
Narrator: Once upon a time, in the fair kingdom of Ethiviba (eth-e-ve-baa), there lived a king and his daughter, Ysabel. Now Ysabel, had hair black as a raven and skin so pure as snow. And she was the envy of all women who gazed upon her. Sadly, the king’s wife passed away, God rest her soul. Through this, the king was very sad. But one day, he saw a beautiful woman named Orella, and asked her hand of marriage. Which she accepted.

Orella: [Excited] I do say Handmaid #1, this is a glorious day, is it not?
Handmaid #1: [Excited] Yes my queen,
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I’m not even married yet.
Handmaid #1: Sorry ma’am.
Orella: [Calm]You can just call me Orella. [Angry]But if you call me Oreo, then so help me!
Handmaid #1: [Soft tone]Of course not… Orella. [Curious]May I ask you, why doth thou not call me by my given name? Why doest thou call me ‘Handmaid #1”?
Orella: [Candid] Well Handmaid #1, I have so many handmaids, that I can’t even remember their names.
Handmaid #1: Oh. [Lighthearted] Here, let me do thy makeup.
Narrator: Meanwhile, in the King Sarsaparilla chamber…
King Sarsaparilla: [Joyful] Oh isn’t this the most glorious day. This is the day that I will be married to the most beautiful woman in all the land, Oreos.
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[murmurs] Oreo, Oreo, not here, not there, never anywhere!
[Oreos start to disappear]
King Sarsaparilla: [sad] What happened to the Oreos?
Orella: [frustrated] Stop it with the Oreos! You’re like thirty-years-old! [as a matter-of-fact tone] You need to watch your cholesterol level!
King Sarsaparilla: [huffy] W9hat are you, some type of health and fitness queen?
Armour: [Suit of armor leaps out of the closet; angry]How dare you insult a descendant of Malignant, you foolish mortal! [suit of armour attempts to kill the king]
King Sarsaparilla: [surprised] You’re a witch. You lied to me! How could you?
Orella: [angry] Because I knew that you would banish me! I was going to tell you after I have done some good for the kingdom. I wanted to be unlike the other witches, good and kind.
King Sarsaparilla: And you thought correct! You tried to attack me. You brought that suit of armour to life to kill me. You are banished from Ethiviba for a double lifetime!
Orella: [angry] You liar! I thought I could have trusted you with my secret! I thought I could find happiness with a regular human. I guess I was too naïve to foresee this.
King Sarsaparilla: [screams] Guards!
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