Handmaid's Tale: A Narrative Fiction

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Lady Sophia never made it out of the castle,,” Ada said in a low voice. “And what of the other two,” Queen Brianna questioned. “They have not been seen since they left,” she quickly bowed and handed Her Majesty a cup of…show more content…
“I am sorry but you must keep it closed. No one can see the new Ladies of the Queen till the ball tomorrow night,” she stated with her head down as she placed the curtain back where it had been. The carriage was beautiful a dark wood finish on the inside and out with soft cushions of red velvet on the seat and back. I saw that I made the girl with me nervous that she had to correct me. Well them most of the time would get into trouble for doing that. I need to ease her nervous or this is going to be a long trip. “Thank you for telling me the rules,” she didn’t look up, “Please look at me, I don’t want to have to order you just yet.” Slowly her head rose but her eyes still looked at floor. She is so shy. I will have to prove myself to her to gain her trust. I took one of her hands in mine. They are shaking and clammy. She is scared of
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