Handmaid's Tale: A Short Story

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Once there was a young couple who lived in the woods. The wife bore two sons. The first was sharp as a knife, but he was a spindly thing. The second was strong and dumb as a man could come, he was fast and quick, but when it came to sense, he had none. As the boys grew, so did their talents. The father became a kind, tired old man. But the mother hardened, she became stiff and stubborn. She was disappointed with her first son. She wanted him to be strong, so that he could catch game to sell, and yet, this was the opposite of the man he had become. The mother soon came to the conclusion that there was nothing she could do to change her son, and so, she told him that he must vacate the family and live on his own. The father opposed this idea, but could do nothing to stop his wife. Instead he told his second son that he should go forth and protect his older brother. The brother, who was very loyal to his father consented.…show more content…
At the time they had arrived talk on the street was all about the baron’s daughter. She had been kidnapped by a group of well-known bandits: The Nabbers. She was being held in a tower in the forest. Everyone knew where she was, but no one was brave enough or dumb enough to save her. When the second brother heard of this he declared that he would save the baron’s daughter. The first brother thought of himself as the superior of his younger brother, even though the second brother was there to protect him. He told his younger brother that he would only let him attempt this if he was to go with him. The younger brother reluctantly agreed, remembering that it was his duty to protect his older
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