Examples Of Dystopia In The Handmaid's Tale

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The dystopian novels and movies have been rendered to more researches and analysis from the different angles by readers and spectators from its genesis. George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New world had enlightened the debates in all parts of the world. In the year 1984, many dystopian fictions, to be precise, novels have been written by different writers evaluating the current status of the democracy in the world politics and the depth of totalitarianism that shrouded in the shape of democracy. One of the major novels in the subsequent years of 1984 is Canadian writer Margaret Atwood’s classic the Handmaid’s Tale. It belongs to the feminist dystopia which draws the attention to the visualization of the victimization of females by the male orientated and patriarchal societies in the current order of the world. The world nations and societies keep, supposedly, unanimous agreement in sustaining the
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The concept of dystopia implies something which is excessively appalling that indicates the animosity of modern society has produced in the course of making this life greatly consumable. The term dystopia which is the antonym of utopia invokes such as disgusting picture of the so-called modern society which compels us to introspect and comprehend the level of retrogression of the modern world to the dark century. The arrogance of human kind about the so-called advanced technology is seems to be challenged when we conjecture about the certain darker realities shrouded in our life that are pertained to the loathsome abuse of women and gender politics on one hand, ruthless power politics and rampant corruption in several circles of our socio-administrative institutions on the
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