Character Analysis In The Handmaid's Tale

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Handmaid’s Tale Character of Offred
For the new readers out there, Offred is the main character of The Handmaid’s Tale novel by Margaret Atwood. It is set up in a dystopian future characterized by Christian theocracy in America. The plot tends to follow various events as seen in the eyes of Offred, a woman forced to become a surrogate mother to a ranked official. The novel deals with themes such as religious fundamentalism, freedom variation, and female subjugation. It is seen as a modern classic that has attracted studies and banishment in equal measures. It cemented the author as one of the greatest modern-day writers, a feminist classic, and a warning of what might happen in the future.
Does the character shape her own destiny? To answer the question, it is imperative that she is not in control of her own destiny. Since the dystopian government took place, it began slowly limiting women their
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She is a passive character, even though it is due to the totalitarian state that is constantly oppressing her, it is her tendency to just accept the way things are, hoping that she will be all right in the end. This is a true picture of her position in the society. She is seen as not responsible abundant to act by herself, so the opportunities she has to do are taken away from her.

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