Handmaid's Tale Feminism Analysis

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Chauvinism and Feminism in Handmaid’s tale Introduction This paper explores the relations between women and men in a context of a dystopian society which is very well depicted by Attwood. Debates raised since society acquired language and nowadays is still a hot debate. Radical, feminists point men as the 'main enemy’ and they say that, patriarchy is considered as a form of domination imposed by men on women. Feminists are dealing with how to understand the relations between patriarchy and how to confront to oppose male chauvinism. “You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.” ― Margaret Atwood’s saying at her official Facebook page. This previous line tries to explain how society judge women and has established different moral values to them. These rules enhances men and women into promiscuity and chastity. Chauvinism Definition of chauvinism The Oxford dictionary defines Chauvinism as an unreasonable patriotism. The…show more content…
It is clear that the Offred who is the main character faces a hard life after she became a Handmaid. However, the story tell us that despite all the suffering she escapes from such cruel nation that has forced her to become a social tool. Although she achieved her commitment, she feels like she will lose the only thing that she started to love “Nick” the Choufer. “The fact is that I no longer want to leave, escape, cross the border to freedom. I want to be here, with Nick, where I can get at him”. (41.37) Proofs of chauvinism in Handmaid’s tale The proof chauvinism in Handmaid’s tale are these lines;”I wait. I compose myself”. “Myself is a thing I must now compose, as one composes a speech. What I must present is a made thing, not something born” (12.25). The narrator feels divided into two parts: "Offred" and herself, the other version of herself is what she calls "a thing". She simply can’t follow her emotions; she has her role, the role of a tool.
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