Father In The Play Fences

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Fathers Kicking in Our Blood and Our Butts When we look up at the moon and we wonder if there truly is the man sitting in the crescent, we wish we could be as far away from earth as he is due to the issues that consume our lives. A problem larger than any of the monsters lurking in the seas but smaller than disputes between nations, a problem amongst sons and their fathers is one that is recurring from generation to generation. A prime example of a son and father having issues agreeing on certain ideals is in the play Fences by August Wilson. In the play, the characters Troy, Cory, and Lyons display to the audience how a father and his sons got along during the time before and during the Civil Rights movement. In the case of Fences, the apple does not fall far from the tree, especially…show more content…
Through this play, Wilson is trying to show the audience that fathers definitely have a lasting impact on their kids throughout their lives. An audience sees this through the character Troy, in how his rough relationship with his father causes him to treat his two sons with a strict and demanding attitude. Although Troy distanced himself from his father at the age of fourteen, he still had a burdened relationship that affected him in the long term. This recurs again with Lyons and Cory when they both try to set apart from what their father wants them to do, and at the end of the play, they feel as though they turned out just like their father. The main ideal that Wilson is trying to show his audience that those who we surround ourselves with have such a lasting influence that can change our whole way of living and carrying ourselves. Wilson uses this recurrent cycle of boys growing into being their fathers to show that the dominant male role to a child is a delicate one to assume and that fathers should understand their impact on their
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