Handwashing In The Workplace

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Hand washing is a crucial skill which should be part of everyday activities, as this removes or reduces the number of microorganisms from your hand (Pratt et al 2007). This will reduce any potential transmission of microorganisms directly to others or to surfaces where they can be picked up by others. Also patients should be encouraged and assisted to wash their hands (Banfied et al 2005), because the likelihood of microorganisms spreading is further reduced. Handwashing is particularly important in health care workers, because contaminated hands of a health care worker is the primary source of infection transmission in a health care setting. These days the main focus has been on nurses in general practice, this is because nurses are not minimising…show more content…
The studies have found that every extra 1/5 teaspoon full of hand sanitizer is used the MRSA rates fell. Also these studies have acted as a reminder that we should be washing our hands, at home and at our workplace. During winter seasons it is essential to wash your hands so you can stop the germs from spreading (Anonymous 2009).
Contaminated hands have been seen as the main vocal point to the spread of pathogens, HWC (health care worker) have been shown as some of the highest variables for contaminated hands. However factors such as heavy workloads and lack of time have been considered and acknowledged, nevertheless the compliance is very poor (Randle J 2010).
Research was conducted on two wards to see if patients and visitors carried out the hand hygiene procedure over a 24 h period. The results were outrageous, from a possibility of 823 hand hygiene opportunities 659 of HCW carried out the procedure, 75 for patients and 89 of all visitors. 659 of HCW who carried out the procedure 78% were allied health professionals, 59% ancillary nurse, 75% nurses, 47% doctors (Randle J 2010).
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