Analysis Of The Poem Hanging Fire

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Every teen today has their own problems, the poem Hanging Fire, represented the perspective of the typical teenager that told us of problems she once faced. Additionally, her ideas and opinions are well related and true to that perspective. The basic idea of the poem described the negative thoughts and feelings the writer went through, at school and with her mother.

In the first stanza, she wrote rhetorical questions in her speech, for example, “What if die before tomorrow morning?” The quote revealed an inference the writer was an unconfident student who was scared of what would’ve been brought the next day. A person who questions themselves are usually insecure, or unconfident. “My skin has betrayed me.” The writer mentioned her physical flaws, evidently stated from the lines above. For skin to betray one’s self meant its condition was not in her favour. “Momma’s in the bedroom with her door closed.” The line above revealed the weak bond between her mother and the writer. She had no one who could’ve talked to her, therefore, may explain why she came home everyday feeling sad. Overall, the writer was scared about growing up and did not communicate all that well at home.
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Within the lines “I have to learn to dance before the next party” and “There is nothing I want to do.”, contradicted one another in meanings, while she learned to dance, at the same time; there weren’t any things she wanted to do for joy. In summary, she was concerned with not being good enough in society and discouraged to live
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