Hanging Fire Poem

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Shout out to those who are having it hard right now, I promise it 's only temporary-“Unknown.” Just because you and whoever are going through rough patch does not mean its gonna be like that forever nor does it mean its gonna be something that 's gonna last long. Just like in the story “hanging fire” the author picks a girl that is going through a hard time but she tries her hardest to push through it and try her best to get over it all alone. I feel like it would be hard to have to go through something a lone but when you keep your head held high and always look at the bright side then it 's easy i guess. Shes has nobody what so ever and she has to go through it all by herself and i mean yea for some people that 's really nothing but the other kinda seems to telling us she 's not very old.…show more content…
I mean her mom just kinda sits in her bedroom that 's why she 's so alone with all this stuff her mom dosent care. I mean i can see how that 's hard for her. I never really grew up with such a good mom, my sister was always my mom figure. So it 's hard and stressful not having a mom. Not being able to have anyone is honestly hard, it 's not something everyone has to go through. In “haning fair” she 's all alone no ne by her side. Her mom isn 't there for her at all she only cares for herself, that 's what hurts her daughter more than anything. Not being able to have a mom at such a young age is stressful, I feel like stuff like this liker mom not being able to provide for her makes her want to do a lot of things to herself. She always manages to keep her head held i high though she learns to dance and be happy without anyone by her side. I feel like this poem was such a relatable one for me and many others who don 't have it the best. You don 't always have to have someone by your side through everything, but sure is nice to. Is was a really good one for many different reasons, the way the narrator explained how the mom wasn 't really there for her daughter and how she
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