Essay On How To Cure A Hangover

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Title- How to cure a hangover
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A night full of unforgettable memories of drinking is usually followed by a painful morning of having a hangover. Most of the people who’ve had alcohol have, at one point or another, experienced a dreadful hangover. What is worse than waking up with nausea, fatigue, anxiety and headache? Save yourself from missing more days at work or other days full of new possibilities by sobering up the smart way. Follow these tips and remedies to cure a morning full of sickness.
1. Drink plenty of fluids-
You have a hangover because your body is dehydrated. It is very necessary to hydrate your body by drinking a lot of plain water, coconut water or sports drink.
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To restore those drained potassium, banana can be a simple answer. Banana also helps to soothe your stomach after a hangover and boost up your energy. You can eat one or two bananas in the morning of the hangover. You can also go for a banana milkshake with honey. Here is the recipe to make banana-honey milkshake.
 Take two teaspoons of honey, two bananas and half a cup of milk and put it in a blender. Blend the ingredients to enjoy the comforting drink.

10. Tomato juice-
Tomatoes are another simple cure that control hangover symptoms. It helps in refilling your body with vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Just like honey, tomato has fructose in it which helps your body to remove alcohol quickly. To make a glass of tomato juice, follow the remedy below.
 Take four medium tomatoes and cut it into small pieces.
 Take a sauce pan and put the pieces into it.
 Cook the tomato pieces for about ten to fifteen minutes.
 Keep on stirring the tomato mixture to keep it from burning.
 When the mixture starts looking soupy, add sugar, salt or pepper to taste.
 Take the pan off the heat and leave the mixture to cool for a few minutes.
 Strain the solids using a wire mesh strainer
 Enjoy the smooth

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