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A Hang Over Hangovers have been around since the creation of alcohol. Individuals that drink alcohol in excess have created some of the most absurd remedies possible. These remedies can range from drinking massive amounts of water, decaffeinated coffee, juice, to consuming sports drinks with electrolytes. Other unusual remedies involve drinking pickle juice, eating greasy food from establishments such as: Taco Bell, White Castle, Denny’s, or Waffle House before sunrise or eating crackers. Do any of these remedies actually work? Which ones are hoaxes? In order to find out which ones give the best results, one must identify the true meaning of a hangover. According to the definition of a hangover, it is when there are disagreeable physical…show more content…
Some individuals say eating greasy food right after an indulging night of alcohol consumption will alleviate the after effects. Would ingesting greasy food from mentioned establishments such as Taco Bell, White Castle, Denny’s or Waffle House late at night help with a hangover? One could reason that devouring fast food could potentially do more harm than good to an individual’s stomach rather than provide relief. Another intriguing solution to alleviate a hangover is to eat crackers, which allows absorption of the alcohol being presented to the body. This remedy involves lessening the nausea being presented to one’s body. Considering that one of the major factors of a hangover is a queasy stomach, and crackers are commonly known to calm an upset stomach, one may conclude this could provide relief. The best solutions for a hangover would involve to not drink at all or to consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. Simplistically, temptation and peer pressure may overpower one while socializing with friends on a Friday or Saturday night. This may lead to the excess consumption of alcoholic beverages. The final outcome may conclude that while none of these remedies completely alleviate the pain and aftermath of a hangover, some symptoms may subside . However, none of the potential remedies will provide a complete cure from the effects of alcohol

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