Financial Crisis In Hanif Kureishi's The Decline Of The West

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The Decline of the West

At some point we are all acquainted with the recent world wide financial crisis. It is characterised by its enormous effect on the real estate market, the banks and on families. Many debtors have not in the meantime been incapable of to pay back their loans. The numbers of forced house sales were increasing and the real estate market’s prices were decreasing. It has actually been characterized as the worst financial depression since 1930. In many ways the latest catastrophe has been an eye-opener for families with a luxurious life style. Their normal expensive needs is all of a sudden not possible any longer. Several families are forced to compromise on their needs and it is not as easy for everyone. In Hanif Kureishi’s short story we meet the family father Mike that become conscious of that his family is highly debilitated, where money is very important during the financial crisis.

The narrator, Hanif, has employed a limited third person narrator whom knows Mike’s thoughts. It is on Mike’s point of view we got our knowledge and it is also his thoughts and
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We met a family where none of these things exists. However, it shows us how hard it can be for people in the West to communicate when they have a big crisis on their shoulders. In the meantime we can through Mike’s perspective tell that it is not easy to exchange an extravagant and luxurious life with things from the middle class. Still, we are left with Mike whom has not reached a solution. The story ends right when he wants to get a word in edgeways with his wife. It was already chaotic in their family and if his wife gets to know about his sacking things would just get even worse. Again, it is hard for people in the West to trade their pleasant life style with something that is far from the
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