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Hank Aaron was born on February 5,1934 to Estella and Herbert Aaron. He was the third of eight children, and they lived in a poor black section of Mobile, Alabama up until he was eight years old then his family moved to the middle-class Toulminville neighborhood. Aaron had a strong link to baseball and football from a young age, and he tended to focus more heavily on sports rather than his studies. As a young child he had many heroes like Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, and Stan Musial who are all baseball players. His first baseball team was the Toulminville Grammar School in the Louisiana Rec. League. Later on in high school, during his freshman and sophomore years, he attended Central High School, where he played football and baseball. In…show more content…
In the league’s 1952 World Series, after leading his club to victory, Aaron was recruited by the Milwaukee Braves. Once again Aaron excelled and earned title of "Northern League Rookie of the Year." At the age of 20 Aaron made his first Major League appearance when a training injury to a Braves outfielder created a spot for him. In 1956 Aaron won the first of two batting titles and in 1957 he registered an unmatched 1957 season allowing him to take home the National League MVP. Hank Aaron tried over and over again to beat the Babe’s record. Trying to beat this record was an ongoing struggle and he experienced a lot of hate and death threats. Some were excited for him to beat the record while others were horrified of the idea of a black man beating this sacred record in baseball. Against all odds, Aaron continued to push himself and while he did he spoke up about the discrimination for minorities. He never kept his mouth shut and he spoke up for what he believed in. In 1973, Hank Aaron married his wife Billye Aaron and they have been together ever since. Later on in 1974, after much hard work, Hank Aaron tied the babe on Opening Day in Cincinnati,
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