Hank Aaron's Passion For Football And Baseball

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Hank Aaron was born on February 5th, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama. Hank was the third of eight children and was very poor growing up. When Hank was 8 years old his family moved to Toulminville, Alabama were he showed a strong passion for football and baseball. In Hank’s junior year in high school he transferred from Central high school to Josephine Allen institute. After only 1 year Hank had proven his abilities on the baseball field and in 1951 he quit school at the age of 18 to play for the Negro baseball leagues the Indianapolis Clowns. Hank Aaron led The Indianapolis Clowns to a world series the next year in 1952 and was drafted to the Milwaukee Braves far club. Again Hank did not disappoint and made his major league debut in 1954. He earned

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