Hank Case Analysis Paper

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1. The type of personality type Hank is displaying is the oral and anal stage, because Hank is very sarcastic and aggressive, he is on a date with a women who he seems to be very interested in and can’t seem to get control of his behavior. One minute he seems to be enjoying himself and the next he is very belligerent, loud and rude. Hank has a bad habit of over eating and chain smoking when things in his life become stressful; this is why he is overweight. When growing up he had no friends played no sports and showed no interest in interacting with his peers, instead hank learned everything about computers and software this is something he was very good at and could make a lot of friends online instead of engaging with people face to face.…show more content…
Rationalization is the defense mechanism Hanks uses to justify his behavior, the advertising firm hank worked for asked him to meet with a client, and this was something his boss would do from time to time when no one else was available. This made Hank feel good about himself knowing someone needed his assistance, although it was a disaster, Hank couldn’t figure out why this client filed a complaint against him. His boss was very upset, hank could not figure out why. Hank tires to rationalize his behavior this is when we do something that the super ego disapproves, and then the ego finds a way to defend itself by justifying our actions to make it acceptable. 4. Regression happened in Hanks life when he would eat and smoke excessively or chew his fingernails when he was stressed or in a stressful situation, most of this is unconscious. This was hanks defense mechanism to cope or not feel to some degree, to avoid the pain and loneliness in his life. This is a coping mechanism to deal with…show more content…
A Freudian therapist would use “talk therapy” and “free association” to gather information about Hanks consistent explosive interaction with others. This technique will bring out Hanks core issues of his behavior, as well as his reasons of why others are not attracted to him. The therapist will look for patterns and events that may have occurred in Hanks life that can better explain Hanks current behavior. The therapist will find out that Hanks childhood, feelings, and unconscious thoughts have created the person Hank is today. After the therapist and Hank have established a relaxed atmosphere the Hank can feel safe and become open to receive what the therapist thinks would work for Hank on day to day bases. By allowing Hank to simply express himself will lead him to better relationships and social interaction with others. This will begin the healing process for
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