Hank Harum Case Summary

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History: Hank Harum ( Case # 7755) was first seen by Firgrove Veterinary Hospital on October 24, 2012. He was a stray feline brought in for an annual exam and vaccines by his owners. He weighed roughly 8 pounds. The doctor suggested to do an FIV test on Hank since he was a stray neighborhood feline for many years. The FIV test came out to be positive. Current issue: Hank was brought in to Firgrove Veterinary Hospital on Monday, December 14, 2015 with the symptoms of decreased appetite and swelling on the left side of his face. I noticed some hair loss and purulent discharge from Hank face. He let me check out his face for a closer look at purulent discharge. Hank seemed to be bright, alert and responsive. I told the doctor what I found and why Hank was here. Mrs. Harum told Dr. Swearngin that Hank…show more content…
Abscesses occur for a variety of reasons, cause extreme pain, and can be treated with much success. If left untreated, however, bacteria can spread into other areas of the mouth, causing serious medical conditions.Periodontal disease can cause the formation of an abscess, which is more common in cats that have a tendency to bite or chew frequently. If left untreated, facial or mouth traumas, bacterial infections, and diabetes can all contribute to the formation of an abscess. Symptoms of tooth root abscess are the following: - Bad breath - Loose teeth - Facial swelling - A visibly broken tooth - A strongly discolored tooth - An inability to chew - Increased presence of plaque on teeth Diagnosis is made upon visual examination and dental x-rays. Treatment involves tooth extraction, flushing of the affected area and

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