Hannah's Journey Through The Sierras Book Report

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Journal Entries of Hannah’s Journey through the Sierras Beginnings: The long journey starts in the Yosemite Village and ends in Whitney Portal (Map is on the last page). The average miles hiked per day are 10.5 miles out of 210 miles. The following course includes several divine places described by Muir. Day 1: The hike from Yosemite Valley to Nevada Falls was the first step of the adventure. The journey on foot from the valley involved encounters a few different types of furry creatures. I saw a black bear with its cubs on my journey to the Nevada Falls. The large black bears were in their natural habitat with the lush, beautiful landscape surrounding them. When I approached the falls I was filled with awe at the sight of the enormous stream of water flowing from the falls. Deer were nearby, perhaps because of the water supply. Miles covered: 6.7 Day 2:…show more content…
On my hike to Cathedral Pass, 10,940 feet above sea level, I encountered a few different types of evergreens including the Mountain Hemlock. These Conifers grow up to 131 feet in height and 7 feet in diameter with needle-like leaves. When I approached Cathedral Pass I encountered breezy meadows, lakelets, and avalanche tracks along with massive quarries of moraine rocks above the forests. As the night approached, I settled down in the meadows and marveled at the starry sky. Miles covered: 11.1 Day 3: Today I woke up to a vast clear blue sky with the morning mist sprinkling upon my face. I stumbled upon a plump woodchuck. While I was eating my breakfast, PB and J, in the meadow I saw the woodchuck climbing up an evergreen. The 13-pound fellow was munching on the tree bark. After examining the critter I began my journey through the swaying meadows of Lyell Canyon to Donohue Pass. Miles covered: 17 Day

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