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Hannibal was orphaned at a young age, and lost his sister as a young boy too. The manner in which he lost her was horrific and traumatic. It changed him and shaped him into the man he is today. He traveled many places as a young man, and settled in Florence, Italy for a time. While there he committed a series of crimes and earned himself the nickname of Il Mostro. He was suspected but nothing was ever able to be proven and he ended up leaving and coming to the states some time after. In the states he finished his studies and earned both his degrees and refined his tastes and techniques to what we see today. He is an elegant and charming man at first appearance and a skilled psychiatrist who loves to host dinner parties and enjoys opera and other fine things.…show more content…
He is the killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper. He is also a cannibal and eats what he harvests from his victims. He has killed many and done whatever needed to keep from being discovered. He has many dark impulses he curbs and only lets out when absolutely safe. On Alana Bloom 's recommendation he was asked to profile one of Jack Crawford 's special agents - a gifted man named Will Graham who had a fascinatingly unique mind he was eager to prod at. He 'd already been quite eager to meet the man based on what Jack had told him - such a unique mind was beautiful to him - and his first glimpse of Will sealed the deal. He had not been expecting a gorgeous young man with a mop of curly dark hair and soulful eyes. He determined that he wanted to befriend Will and get in close - if only to push buttons so he could see what would happen. The result of his interference with Hobbs was pleasing to him and he 's eager to see what Will does next. That he may give little pushes and prods in the right direction to see if the darkness goes as deep as he hopes doesn 't bode well for the

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