Hannibal Lecter Character Analysis

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3.1 The double character of Hannibal lecter:angel & devil
Hannibal is a great psychological expert to treatment the patient 's impulsion. He has double character--- angel& devil. He is the savior, but also is a cruel cannibal. The role of doctor make Hannibal have the opportunities to save the persons. Due to his high IQ, Hannibal can easily analyze others ' psychological intentions, but he had sinned many years. His evil spirit was under the role of doctor. He is very calm, resourceful, rational, intellectual. At the same time, he also hate the world. He ate the people in order to take revenge on the world.
When Clarice Starling meet him for the investigation of Buffalo Bill, she even can’t believe that he is a killer. We can know that he is an elegant gentleman, and also have good taste. He is very different from the other prisons. He even apologized to Clarice Starling for the rude behaviors of the prison. Hannibal was fall in love with Clarice Starling at first sight. Through having the conversation with her, he can image that the childhood shadow of Clarice Starling. However, he really love her because of the "screaming of the lambs" story. He was move because of her story. Perhaps he thought everyone is very miserable in the world, in order to achieve their various purpose, they have to struggle, but they always can 't get rid of the
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He had high IQ and EQ. He can maintain his calm and intellect constantly. But the bloody scene of his crime, make the person creep. One day, a census taker tried to test him, he ate his liver with some favorite beans, matched a bottle of wine. He bit off a nurse 's tongue and ate it. Those prove that Hannibal is a schizophrenia. In the end of the novel, he escape from the prison. It shows his extreme calmness and ultra high wisdom, however, and even shows his familiar with of the social

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