Hannibal's Character Of Hannibal As A Root Cause Of Evil

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Hannibal had been aristocratic education since childhood and had a high artistic attainments. His father was a baron, a manor, and his mother was born in the Viscount family of Italy. In 1944, his parents died in artillery fire of World War II and forest huts were destroyed. He and his sister Misha were held by a group of defeated troops in various languages without any organized routines. Hungry red-eyed soldiers devouring his sister.The traumatic memories of childhood left a permanent pain on Hannibal 's mind, which resulting in mental disorders and torturing his life. Although afterwards he received the care and attention of his aunt, feeling a touch of warmth, but which could not unable to make up for his deep bone marrow, Hannibal 's heart was incomplete from the moment his sister was eaten. Hannibal 's experience made him desperate for humanity and kindness, which is why he rejected the constitution and order and thus accepted the bestiality as the root cause of killing. As a tragic victim of his fate, Hannibal, unlike most of the victims, was not only highly intelligent and courageous, but also skilled in fighting and cold weapons, turning grief into hatred and anger. Also because of the love of sister and aunt, Hannibal 's personality gradually distorted to a deeper darkness. Although Hannibal is a devil and a madman to the social system, he gives readers the impression that he is more just and lovely than law and power. He is free from both the law and the state
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