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Hanoi is the capital of history and culture, over time The city has changed but still kept traditional cultural features, one of those features is cuisine. when mentioning Hanoi cuisine, can list a series of unique dishes such as: "O Mai" "phở". But the most special is the "bún chả" (Kebab rice noodles). "Kebab rice noodles" is a dish with vermicelli, pork grilled pork cakes and spicy salty fish sauce. Dishes originating from North Vietnam, which is the most durable gift of Hanoi, can be considered as one of the specialties of Hanoi cuisine. The vermicelli is similar in taste to the barbeque noodles in the Central and the South, but the sauce is slightly lighter in taste. "Kebab rice noodles" usually consist of two types of chopped meat:…show more content…
Bun noodles with mushroom sauce and noodles are a part of old Hanoi, many writers such as “Vu Bang”, “Thach Lam” praised. How to make noodle batter simple, but to do Noodles are not good but also depend on experience and family secrets, especially important is how to mix sauce. Kebab rice noodles are usually eaten at noon. Choosing time to enjoy bun cha seems to be an art of time: eating kebab rice noodles at what time is appropriate. This is a very characteristic of the culture of culinary land period. However, there are also several shops selling Kebab rice noodles at noon in the afternoon. It is not difficult to find a row of Kebab rice noodles at the corner of the capital Hanoi, which has some doors. Famous people like Kebab rice noodles "Dac Kim" in "Hang Manh", Kebab rice noodles "Ngoc Xuan" in "Thuy Khue", etc. There are many variations for Kebab rice noodles in Hanoi and some of them have created more style when changing the processing methods, enjoy time like banana leaf wrapped banana leaf noodles, Kebab rice noodles clamp stick, Kebab rice

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