Hans Hubermann's Heroism In The Book Thief

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Individuals often get inspired to become heroes based on the examples set by others before them. That concept is clear in The Book Thief when Hans Hubermann demonstrated his heroism by harbouring Max Vandenburg, a Jewish man, during the Holocaust. The father of Max, Erick Vandenburg unintentionally saved Hans’ live during their younger years spent together in the German army. Hans is moved by Erik’s heroism and becomes Max’s hero. Similar to the heroism demonstrated by Hans in The Book Thief is the account of two siblings from Menands, New York who gave up on birthday presents for a great deed. In the place of the presents, they motivated their friends to make 900 sandwiches for a local homeless shelter, being heroes of the many unfortunate people who benefit from the food given by homeless shelters. The heroic endeavours of the two were inspired from a volunteer organization that aids children and families in need. Another story of inspired heroism is the case of a restaurant owner from Oklahoma who found a homeless man rummaging through her garbage. She stuck to her morals and wrote the man a note encouraging him to come inside for a hearty meal which then inspired customers to do the same by donating money in order for the restaurant to feed the less fortunate, making herself and the many ordinary people who…show more content…
While the stories are set in drastically different settings with unrelated events, they all share the common theme of a person (or persons) doing something that greatly affected the lives of one or more person. What transpires next in all of the stories is having others following in the footsteps of the original heroes and in doing so, becoming heroes as well, in their own right. People very much get inspired to become heroes based on the examples set by others before

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