Feminist Analysis Of Hans Morgenthau's Six Principles Of Political Realism

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Discrimination is not the only reason for the lack of women advancing through international relations; Tickner argues that on top of that the field of international relations theory in itself is discriminatory. Tickner presents a feminist analysis of Hans Morgenthau's six principles of political realism, which, the author claims, exhibit a masculine bias. It argues that realism is not an inaccurate portrayal of the international system but an incomplete one that is a partial picture of reality. She specifically chose to focus on Morgenthau’s six principles because they are the core and most influential studies currently in international relations. Morgenthau’s Six Principles summarized: • International Relations theory is a rational theory that reflects the objective laws of politics • Politics is rational, objective, and unemotional. It is an autonomous sphere, independent of economics and personal morality • Power is the control of man over man and International politics is about national interests though these interests reflect the political and cultural context within which foreign policy is formulated • Political ethics is different…show more content…
Beginning with the assumption of rational (and unemotional) theory of international politics based on objective laws that have their roots in human nature, places Morgenthau squarely against feminist thought. She has come to this conclusion with the assumption that most individuals share the belief that knowledge is socially constructed and language transmits knowledge, therefore the use of language and its claims of objectivity must continually be questioned. Objectivity itself is linked with masculinity as being impermeable and absolute, in contrast, subjectivity is linked with femininity for being irrational and non-scientific, these biased views and language usage traps females and hinders their possibility of

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