Hansel Retold Summary

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Hansel and Gretel “retold” written by Priya Sharma #20 “Hansel, where are you?” father asked. “Oh Gretel!” mother cried. Mother and Father didn’t know where their children were. They were getting very worried! Mother and Father started looking for Hansel and Gretel in their secret treehouse. “ There you are !!” Mother was going on and on about how worried she was getting! “ What are you doing in here?” father asked. “We were just tidying it up, it was a surprise for you guys, but good thing you came just in time, we just finished!” Hansel said. Gretel walked them through the treehouse. Everything was clean and all the walls were repainted. Mother and father were super surprised! ‘I am so proud of you!” mother said. ‘That was our goal’ Hansel…show more content…
She was furious! “How did those stupid children get out of my house!” The witch went to go look for them! Hansel and Gretel locked all their windows and doors and hid in the attic of their home with their family. As they were hiding Hansel and Gretel were telling their parents how much the mean witch tortured them. Their parents were so mad and ran to the mayor of their town before the witch could even get there. As Hansel and Gretel’s parents were talking to the mayor, the mayor also got very angry! The witch would now be banned from coming to the town again and and would be in jail for a lifetime. The mayor and the family grabbed some rope, and called the police and went back to their house to see if the witch had already come to capture Hansel and Gretel. The witch was there! Very sneakily the police took the rope and tied her up. The witch started wining and got very scared. “Get ready to go to Jail!” the policeman said. “Nooooooo!!” the witch cried. The witch was banned from the town and was put in jail for her whole life. Three years later… Hansel and Gretel listened to their parents, now they go everywhere only with their parents nobody
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