Happiest Day Of My Life

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It was June 2, 2016 the happiest day of my life… MY BIRTHDAY! I was looking forward to this day because I was hoping to get a iphone today. I turned 12 today and I wanted a shiny pink, iphone 5. I was so excited to open my gifts. We ate dinner, then desserts creds to my mom for the yummy dessert, now time for presents. I was told to open a certain gift last, of course it’s my phone that’s why they want me to open it last I thought. I ripped open my gifts speedy quick with each of my ten nails stabbing the colorful wrapping paper. I got so many amazing gifts I loved them all but nothing would compare to if I had gotten the phone. I picked up my last gift and I didn’t even have to open it to know that it was not my phone. In fact I had to ask my mom if there was anything in it at all. She told me yes, the color drained off my face but around me everyone was happy and cheery. I was so discouraged and my heart pounded, but I got up the courage to open it. I lifted the tissue paper off and took out the piece of paper I could feel the paper getting wet from the sweat on my fingers, I knew if I hadn’t gotten my phone I would have blown a fuse. I read the paper and almost exploded everyone’s ear drums. The color regained my face and I was happy again. June 4th the paper said my phone is coming June 4th I told myself. It was June 3rd now and it was 1:37 am I couldn’t sleep I was to excited for my phone and that I had my chorus concert field trip today. We were going to Dorney Park
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