Happiness And Career: Article Analysis

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Happiness is a subject that generates a great deal of debate. Yet the pursuit of happiness is really more of a deep thing that everyone is willing to catch. Moreover, others have proposed that happiness is actually both an evasive and an inconsequential matter, which is at odds with core beliefs in present-day welfare society or relates to what kind of careers people have. In the book, “The Happiness Advantage,” Shawn Achor discusses that people actually enjoy more success in life if they are happy and have an optimistic outlook. In addition, the author presents some compelling evidence and some ideas that relate to happiness and career. Finally, he indicated the relationships between happiness and career is mutual promoting in certain ways.…show more content…
There must be something motivate individuals to invest their time and effort and overcome obstacles when pursuing important goals such as their careers or studies. According to an article “Happiness as a Motivator,” Claudia M. Haase proposed that the positive affect predicts primary control striving for career and educational goals. Thus, people have more motivation to invest time and effort to pursue their goals as much as they can when they experience positive affect. Because individuals believe that they have more control over attaining their goals. (Michael J. Poulin. “Happiness as a Motivator-Positive Affect Predicts Primary Control Striving for Career and Educational Goals.”) Therefore, when people are in control, their performances are getting better and have more motivations. Eventually, they have a high quality of life…show more content…
If individuals were happy, it means they have a positive mood and mind. They can handle and treat everything very optimistic. Of course they will have a good career and high quality of life. Oppositely, while individuals are doing very well with their careers, they will feel very happy and have good mindsets to face new challenges. Those paragraphs above talk about a relationship between happiness and workplace success, people’s performances are getting better and have more motivations when they are in control, great feelings of control lead not only to higher levels of happiness, but also to the high grades and more motivation to pursue the careers they really want to be and career can make individuals more satisfied, happy and positive. In fact, people need to pay close attention on the relationship between happiness and career. Nowadays, everyone needs to pursuit their careers and contributes some positive energy to society. However, some don’t have a positive mindset and attitude to face their study or work. Eventually, there will be someone who gets psychological problems. Hopefully, everyone will have a positive mindset, optimistic attitude and correct concept of the relationship between happiness and career to treat your work, study and so on after reading this paper. Career is a very important part in people’s life. However, people need to think about that how to
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